swissminds Mission statement

We make your company ready for the first investment – and beyond.

There is an inherent gap between entrepreneurs seeking capital and investors seeking attractive alternative investment opportunities. We have seen many companies on both sides struggling with this challenge. They often give up. Entrepreneurs shut down their company. Investors revert to conservative, low returning investments.
We from swissminds AG have found the way to bridge this gap. Based on our experiences, we have developed a method to make startups ready for the next stage. With this, we can also effectively mitigate the risks for the investors.

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    We get you financed

    You plan or already have a startup and you are looking to raise capital? swissminds is always on the lookout​ for startups with a promising business model.

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    We accelerate you

    swissminds will accelerate your company. We enable you to bring your company to steady and sustainable growth.

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    We are here for you

    swissminds stays on your side for any questions you may have, be they of strategic or operative nature.

Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.Drew Houston, Dropbox founder + CEO

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